About Us

LogyXpress goes beyond being a simple shipping platform – we’re the experts in creating smooth delivery for today’s online businesses. We started with a goal to change how businesses handle shipping and fulfilment. Now, LogyXpress leads the way in the evolution of logistics. Our platform, equipped with technology and multiple channels, is crafted to give eCommerce merchants the tools for easy and automated transporting.

A Global Network, Local Expertise
Since our start in 2021, we’ve grown fast to offer a wide range of freight services—air, railway, ocean, and road. With a global network across [220+] countries and territories, we’re dedicated to delivering first-rate service worldwide. Whether you’re looking for shipping within India, local services, business-to-business and bill shipping nationwide, or international shipment, LogyXpress offers everything you need.

Complete Business Solutions
LogyXpress is committed to offering comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s our storage services or a full-fledged eCommerce distribution network, we make sure your logistics operations are not only efficient but also customized to meet your unique requirements.

Our Vision
LogyXpress envisions a world where logistics is not just a service but an experience. We are not just a shipping platform; we are pioneers in logistics automation, committed to providing a spectrum of freight services that transcend boundaries. From air and railway to ocean and road freight, we connect you to a world of possibilities.
Beyond borders, our international shipping services connect you to a network that spans over 200 countries and territories, making your global eCommerce ambitions a reality.
In a world where logistics is often seen as a challenge, LogyXpress emerges as the solution. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a forward-thinking mindset, makes us the logistics partner of choice for businesses that seek simplicity, speed, and reliability in their operations.