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Is your business still relying on traditional delivery methods, struggling to meet the demands of local customers? What if there was a transport service tailor-made for your needs, connecting you with your customers in the blink of an eye? LogyXpress is here to revolutionize the way stores handle deliveries.

Our mission is to empower online retailers with the wings of expedited logistics, transforming every order into an experience of unparalleled efficiency. With our inclusive solutions, you can maintain a vigilant watch over your business no matter where you are, empowering you to make informed decisions on the move. Our software enables the diversification of your retail portfolio, allowing you to capitalize on profitable opportunities through effective supply chain management. Are you ready to take your local retail business to the next level with LogyXpress?


Ideal for Any Local Business like

Grocery Store


Fashion Store

Pet Supply Stores

Customized Gifts Shop

Why Is Our Hyperlocal Delivery Service Exceptional?

Easy Digital Onboarding Process

Competitive Shipping Rates

Multiple Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Quick Delivery

Order Tracking in Real Time

Multiple Payment Choices

Servicing On-Demand

Prioritize Customer happiness

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