Rail Freight

Relocate your Goods securely using Certified Rail Freight Services

LogyXpress is renowned as a leading rail freight service provider in India. As a market leader, we offer diverse and economical rail cargo solutions and specialize in providing tailored solutions at the most competitive rates, facilitated by our network of trusted partners for timely and secure goods delivery. 

Our efficient train freight services are adept at transporting from heavy machinery to project cargo. Through collaboration with a global network of rail service providers, LogyXpress offer rapid and effective train logistics services. We ensure timely delivery of our railway wagons, managing them with precision to reach their destinations promptly. Our widespread knowledge in rail transportation of goods has positioned us as a foremost choice among the industry. Addressing both B2B and B2C needs, we provide an extensive range of transportation solutions to facilitate the streamlined routing of all your components and goods to their intended destinations. Enhance your market reach quickly with our high-speed train logistics solutions.

Why opt for LogyXpress over its competitors?

Profound Expertise and Experience

All-In-One Solution Provider

Commitment To Cost-Effective and Ethical Services

Expertly Managing Large-Scale Bulk Shipments

Timely Delivery Without Delays

Managing Both Break Bulk and Full Train Movements

Specialized Services for Retail and Small Clients

Timely And Efficient Delivery Without Delays

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